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Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa

   Wake up in calming Mediterranean surroundings and marvel at the wonders of nature.

Relax and unwind in a healing environment with a subtle oriental touch.

Lose yourself in the garden shaded by tall palms with the soothing sound of fountains.

Let yourself go to the pleasure of the thermal springs and harmonise your body and soul.

Delight in the delicate flavours of Mediterranean cuisine, impeccably served in an exclusive restaurant.

Explore the hotel's sumptuous halls which recall the past of a thousand Mediterranean cultures.

Dreams can come true, at Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa.

Succumb to the pleasure of memorable breaks in one of Ischia' most prestigious hotels.

Succumb to Terme Manzi Hotel & SPA.

Polito Hotels – Via S.S. 270 n°296 - 80075 Forio d’Ischia (Naples)