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 WATER “drops of life”
Human beings come from water and it is water that keeps us alive! Water is not only the base element of our existence, but the most valuable in human existence!

Our bodies, composed of 60% water, are derived from incredibly beneficial hypothermal waters which has been largely documented by medical and clinical studies.

MANZI SPA is situated over the "Gurgitello" springs. Renowned for centuries, it was actually the Romans who named the boiling stream "Gurges" (meaning liquid that boils out from underground), which flowed freely into Piazza Bagni pouring into the sea,

The water has various health virtues; rich in bicarbonate, alkaline sulphur, salt, calcium phosphate - elements typical of fluids in contact with the deep layers of the earth.

The effects of the water linked with its elements and the heat (approx. 70°) given by volcanic action of the island, are precious for blood and lymphatic circulation, enabling the elimination of toxins, fatty acids and metabolic waste through perspiration.

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